Cross Applied Technologies


Cross Applied Technologies or CATCo, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, is the ninth largest corporation in the world, and the largest corporation in Quebec. It is named after its founder and main shareholder Lucien Cross. Its four main business units are computers, electronics, multimedia products and biotechnology. CATCo was a AAA Prime Megacorporation, sitting a representative on the Corporate Court, until the Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064.

CATCo is the largest taxpayer in Quebec and controls the state in a way similar to that of Aztechnology and Aztlan, though to a lesser extent. CATCo conducts all of its business in French, and language classes and chipjacks/linguasofts are offered free to all CATCo employees worldwide.


The beginnings of CATCo lie in the ambition of Dr. Lucien Cross, a programmer who worked for Acquisition Technologies. Rumor has it that he worked side by side with David Gavilan, the leader of the Echo Mirage project. It was Cross who partially provided funding and computer time to David Gavilan/Damien Knight so that he can execute the Nanosecond Buyout. The return on his investment allowed him to buy several small high-tech corporations and merge them into Cross Matrix Technologies in 2034.

Because this company was based out of Montreal, the stiff Quebec anti-competition laws worked toward his favor. He also had prior experience as a corporate espionage agent, and it is rumored that he had financial backing from an anonymous source (allegedly Dunkelzahn). The corp quickly branched out into other fields, including consumer electronics, biomedical tech, and entertainment, and it reincorporated into Cross Applied Technologies in 2044.

In 2053, Lucien Cross made a bid for extraterritoriality, which he won. Subsequently, he survived several assassination attempts. Rumors indicate that the hit squads were hired by Damien Knight. In retaliation, Cross took over Bioleve, an Ares bioware subsidiary, and this sparked an ongoing feud between Lucien Cross and Damien Knight, and by extension, Ares and CATCo.

CATCo achieved AAA Megacorporation status in 2060. This became possible by Leonard Aurelius, the former CEO of Ares who holds a longstanding grudge with Damien Knight. Aurelius sold all of his stock to Arthur Vogel and bought a seat on the CATCo board of directors. He brought in many assets from Ares as well as information that put CATCo in a much stronger position over Ares. Afterwards, CATCo had a justice appointed to the Corporate Court, securing its position as a AAA megacorp.

The Seraphim

No discussion of the history of CATCo would be complete without mentioning the Seraphim. The Seraphim is the corporate intelligence and espionage branch of CATCo, and is second only to Shiawase’s MIFD among corporate intelligence agencies. They are known for engaging in intelligence gathering, bodyguard work, and covert operations (legal and illegal), using Biblical imagery in their internal workings. The jobs that would normally be offered to shadowrunners were typically given to the Seraphim instead. The success of CATCo is no doubt due to its Seraphim network.

Cross Applied Technologies suffers its greatest calamity during the Matrix Crash 2.0, when its founder and owner Lucien Cross died in a plane crash (fiction hints that his plane was caught in the San Fransisco EMP blast). His rival Damien Knight wastes no time in dealing a ruthless coup de grace to the corporation, snapping up Cross subsidiaries. Jean-Marie Cross, the new CEO, is helpless to defend against the hostile takeovers, especially since he apparently no longer has the backing of the Seraphim. Other corporations like Yamatetsu, Sol Media, and Horizon also join in the feeding frenzy, and soon afterwards, Cross loses its Corporate Court seat to Horizon. Of note, Leonard Aurelius is nowhere to be found during this mess, and apparently is packing up shop and heading to greener pastures.

Cross Applied Technologies

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